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Jessica Sachs

... but you can call me Jess.
This is my blog.

I'm a software engineer. I create content about style guides 💅, Vue.js, testing 🤖, legacy code 🏚, open source, and more!

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New: I'm teaching a workshop called Stress-free Testing in Vue 3 at Vue Toronto 2020. This is a 201-level workshop that goes beyond the basics. - 30 days ago

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Stop writing nextTick in your component tests

Your tests are 3x longer than they need to be, because you're awaiting the component's render loop. Over. And over... And over... And sometimes you still end up with test flake. *BUT* all is not lost... Continue reading - 1 minute ago

Introducing Vue Test Utils Plugins

VTU for Vue 3 introduces plugins so developers can bring their own sugary syntax to their component tests. Here are two examples - wrapper.findByTestId and wrapper.click() Continue reading - 1 minute ago