May 2021

Hello! My name is Jessica Sachs.

I go by jess she/her pronouns.

I write open-source developer tools for the web.

I’m currently at Cypress as a Staff Eng. where I design and lead the development of the Cy Component Test Runner. I’m a Vue team member, working on the Vue testing ecosystem. I’m a contributor and enthusiast of both Vitest and Vite.

Recently I re-launched a fork of Faker.js after it was (infamously) abandoned in January 2022.

You’ll find me on Twitter (my DMs are always open, here’s how to get a good response) and Discord.

I speak about testing, open source tools, and Vue.js. I’m also a fan of Vite, WindiCSS, and Vitest.

A few times a year, I teach workshops at conferences in the US and sometimes abroad. Usually about Vue, but sometimes about other stuff – working with bundlers, building style guides, or refactoring legacy code.

Latest Posts


    Yeah, you can print gifs to your console. Yes, maybe it's not that useful, but it's actually an easy Easter Egg to add to your docs page or personal site. Continue reading - Jan 30, 2022

    Stop writing nextTick in your component tests

    Your Vue component tests are 3x longer than they need to be, because you're awaiting nextTick. Over. And over... And over... And sometimes you still end up with test flake. *BUT* all is not lost... Continue reading - Dec 31, 2021

    Introducing Vue Test Utils Plugins

    VTU for Vue 3 introduces plugins so developers can bring their own sugary syntax to their component tests. Here are two examples - wrapper.findByTestId and Continue reading - Nov 3, 2020

Past Events

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    2022 February 2022Vitest and the Anatomy of a Test Runner (short) - slides2021 November 2021Quick intro into testing in Vue 3 Stress-free Testing for Vue 3 October 2021Vue Contributor Days - October 2021 - panelJune 2021#91 - Running Tests Using w/ Jessica Sachs - podcastMay 2021Episode 61: Why Bother Testing? with Jess Sachs - podcastApril 2021Component testing with Vite, Vue, and Cypress - talk2020 November 2020Stress-free Testing in Vue 3 September 2020Q&A with Jessica Sachs at Vuejs Global (Amsterdam) - panelIntroducing Component Testing with Cypress - talkMarch 2020What to Expect when You're expect()-ing - podcastAvoiding a Rewrite: Techniques to Progressively Adopt Vue - talkJanuary 2020Self-documenting components with Vue Styleguidist - talk