Hello! My name is Jessica Sachs.

I go by jess she/her pronouns.

I write open-source developer tools for the web and talk about them. I love reactive programming paradigms and happen to be pretty good at teaching developers how to test their code.

I’m currently at Ionic as an engineer working on open source projects. I’m a Cypress alum and I designed and led the development of the Cy Component Test Runner and Cypress app rewrite. I’m a Vue team member, working on the Vue testing ecosystem. I’m a contributor and enthusiast of both Vitest and Vite.

In January 2022, I helped re-launch a fork of Faker.js after it was (infamously) abandoned.

You’ll find me on Discord and possibly Twitter (my DMs are always open). Here’s how to get a good response).

I speak about testing, open source tools, and Vue.js. I’m also a fan of Vite, UnoCSS, and Vitest.

A few times a year, I teach workshops at conferences in the US and sometimes abroad. Usually about Vue, but sometimes about other stuff – working with bundlers, building style guides, or refactoring legacy code.